Venita Hawkins-Bird - Collage and Mixed Media Artist


I now have prints available. In the short term, please order from me directly. I take MasterCard, Visa, Amex, & PayPal.

A vintage Madonna with child surrounded by the stories of Mexican heroes from 9-11-01. 8x10. $40.
Our Lady Guadalupe Square
Our Lady Guadalupe on red collaged background. 8x10. $40.
Classic image of India's god Ganesh. 8x10. $40.
Lil' Boy Dreams
A little boy dressed as a cowboy and surrounded by what little cowboys dream about. 8x10. $40.
To Be Fearless Is To Truly Live print
This Is My Home print
La Revolution
Frida Kahlo collaged within lace and French history. 8x10. $40.
To Be Fearless Is To Truly Live
Native American Indian collaged on a background of the history of the US transition from Indian land to US territory. 8x10. $40.
This Is My Home
Digital Collage of a proud Native American Indian over the privatization of Indian land. 8x10. $40.
What is Life Without Honor
A Proud African American Police Officer from the 1940s collaged in browns and black with music. He was a hero to his generation. 8x10. $40.
En La Cruz print
Guadalupe print
Ntra Sra. Milagrosa print
The Ride of Her Life print
En La Cruz
A Mexican couple crooning En la Cruz. 8x10. $40.
Our Lady Guadalupe collaged on a rich magenta background and supported by the roses of winter. 8x12. $40.
Ntra Sra. Milagrosa
Ntra Sra. Milagrosa collaged on a brilliant background with light emanating from her. 8x10. $40.
The Ride of Her Life
A Young British Lady waiting for a London Taxi to take her on the ride of her life. 8x10. $40.
Sewing print
She Protects Us from Evil print
Mariachi Tipico print
Buddha & The Lotus print
Vintage African American girl doing needlework. 8x10. $40.
She Protects Us from Evil
Digital Collage of Our Lady Guadalupe on top of the US Private Property Signs. This s a commentary on our Immigration Laws. 8x12. $40.
Mariachi Tipico
Vintage Mariachi band surrounded by Mexican color. 8x10. $40.
Buddha & The Lotus
Buddha in the serenity of a Lotus. 8x10. $40.


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