Venita Hawkins-Bird - Collage and Mixed Media Artist

Eclectic Art & Journals

Lil' Boy Dreams
  • Lil' Boy Dreams
    Lil' Boy Dreams. A little boy dressed as a cowboy and surrounded by what little cowboys dream about. 12x12. $225.
  • Ascension
    Ascension. Bowling pin encrusted with soldiers on the journey to Heaven. 20x6. $175.
  • Black and Gold Journal
    Black and Gold Journal. Hand stitched black & gold journal covered in handmade paper with black and gold sand script lining. The book contains black art archival paper. 12x9. $150.
  • On The Race To Craziness
    On The Race To Craziness. Taking life's madness (old receipts, tickets, statistical text book pages, etc) and turning it into beauty. 36x23.5. $650.
  • Child's Play
    Child's Play. All the plastic toys little boys' lives are made of. Won Louisville Center for the Arts' Best in Show May 2008. 18x24. $695.
  • Monopoly Journal
    Monopoly Journal. Hand stitched vintage pinup girl on an old Monopoly board book. The book contains white art archival paper. 10x9.75. $150.
  • Playing With My Pal
    Playing With My Pal. Vintage image of two little boys riding on a tricycle. They are collaged onto a luscious green background with lace and a metal label that says "Play." 4x6. $35.
  • Melody of Gold and Brown
    Melody of Gold and Brown. Warm browns, gold, and yellow paper collaged onto a hand stitched book with black art pages. 11x14. $150.
  • Still I Rise
    Still I Rise. Still I Rise is a bowling pin with a man at the top who is under siege by life and all he is doing is fighting to survive and do the right thing. 17x6. Private Collection.
  • The Duchess
    The Duchess. Vintage image of an old English Book cover from the 1800 collaged within warm colors and music. 8x10. $125.
  • The Ride Of Her Life
    The Ride Of Her Life. Vintage images, paper, text all set in London. 11x14. $275.

Lil' Boy Dreams

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