Venita Hawkins-Bird - Collage and Mixed Media Artist


I grew up in an Old Italian neighborhood in Northern California, to an incredibly strong single mother. Her undying faith and love continues to inspire me and others to this day.

I graduated with an Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree and then went off to work in the Silicon Valley in the 80’s. Although successful and well traveled, I always had a desire to use my artistry and creativity. To tell our stories via multi-cultural art and writing has remained a deep-seated passion and constant for me.

However, for many years, this quiet passion took a back seat to career, marriage, and children. Then in 2001, everything changed with a chance visit to Timeless Creations, here in Fort Collins, Colorado. There I met two wonderful women: Christi Wich and Christine Webb. And with that chance meeting, my art world literally exploded from that point forward.

I have moved from creating jewelry to collage art, books, and objects of art. My work is primarily ethnic with religious under and over tones. It has now been exhibited in local and west coast shows, and at the Loveland Museum of Art.

Art keeps me grounded in what is truly important in this world. It allows me to express the complexities of living and being in a multi-cultural world. It has taught me to be more open and intuitive, which has allowed my work to continue to evolve and grow artistically.

Over time, I will share more via my blog called Artist’s Confessions: I Got Something to Say.



I got something 2 say